Stories To Stay Awake

Stories to Stay Awake, the anthology series created by Chicho Iba├▒ez Serrador, comes back as a remake to Amazon Prime Video and TVE.

Its first season will consist of four episodes, which display updated versions of episodes of the original series, and are directed by┬áRodrigo Cort├ęs, Rodrigo Sorogoyen, Paco Plaza┬áand Paula Ortiz.┬áAmong the stars that form this incomparable cast, are┬áEduard Fern├índez, Ra├║l Ar├ęvalo, Nathalie Poza, David Verdaguer, Vicky Luengo, Miki Esparb├ę, Adriana Torrebejano, Carlos Santos, Dani Rovira,┬áor Inma Cuesta.