RABIA tells the story of a group of people who have undergone a clandestine treatment trying to cure a serious disease. But months afterwards it comes to light that some of them will develop the rabies virus, becoming extremely dangerous persons. The authorities try to control them by interning them in a center, so all the infected ones decide to escape with the only aim of trying to survive. However, survival can turn out to be a real nightmare.

This thriller, action and suspense series counts with a stellar cast: Patricia Vico, Carles Francino, Adriana Ozores, Malena Alterio, Nuria González, Paco Tous, Fele Martínez , Concha Cuetos, Elisa Mouliaá, Fran Nortes, Diego Martínez, Manuel Gancedo, Ismael Martínez and Nuria Herrero, amongst others, will be the stars of RABIA.