La Pecera de Eva

La pecera de Eva (Eva’s fishbowl) was the first drama series exclusively produced for a DTT network in Spain. It premiered in Telecinco and, since it was aired through different Mediaset networks, it has become one of the most renowned show in the group. With 15 millions episode downloads, four seasons produced and broadcasted (260 episodes), and 150.000 Facebook fans, Eva is one of the most popular characters in recent Spanish TV. La Pecera was awarded best Spanish Series in 2010 by Must! magazine. It is currently in the process of being adapted to Latin American market.

The show was shot with no written scripts, following an acting method based on performers improvisation. It starred Alexandra Jiménez, Antonio Muñoz de Mesa and Marta Poveda. Along with them, this fresh twist favored the discovery and launching of many young acting careers, such as Aura Garrido’s, Joel Bosqued’s o Susana Abaitúa’s. From a staging point of view, half the events in the show took place inside Eva’s office, her “fishbowl”.


La Pecera de Eva portraits daily conflicts of today’s kids through the peculiar method’s of a  High School psychologist: Eva Padrón. Eva is fun, fresh, unexpected and, most of all, completely unorthodox. With her surprising methods she will help students overcome their fears, traumas and insecurities. But, simultaneously, she will also have to face problems of her own, such as the return of her abandoned son or her sister’s lethal disease. Characters came and went through the four seasons of the series, each one of them with a unique conflict. Season three brought two new psychologists (César and La López), who also had a personal relationship with Eva.