Impares was the first comedy series produced in Spain for a DTT Network: NEOX. The show premiered in Access Prime Time slot in Antena 3, and then moved to NEOX. Two seasons were shot, with a total of 130 episodes, and some of the characters stared in another show of their own: Impares Premium. It was adapted for Colombian TV and is currently on air, with great audience response, in Colombian Network CitytTV.

The show stands out for the freshness and innovation of its proposal. It combines hidden camera means (such as guerilla shooting style), with some other tricks from Reality Shows (such as on camera testimonies). It was the first Isla’s production ever to use the improv acting method, with no written scripts. This special feature attracted many Spanish comedians, which resulted in a very complete and funny casting.


Impares is a naughty comedy show based on dates provided by a very unconventional dating agency. Clients come, hire and are set to go out with someone. In order to provide the best customer service, the agency records the dates, interviews clients on site and spy on them while they get to know each other. Considering the agency’s incompetence when putting couples together, anything may happen in these dates. This single people are not only completely unique, but also different from each other.