Monica Chef

M贸nica Chef is an innovative, juvenile fiction format that combines two very attractive elements for the millenials: music and cooking. The series is an international co-production of Isla Audiovisual, Funwood Media and 3zero 2, and has been shot almost entirely in Spain. Monica Chef premiered on Disney Channel Italy, where it was the most watched content in the fall of 2017. It is currently broadcast on Clan, but has also been acquired by channels from Brazil, France, Germany, Denmark and Benelux. It consists of 40 chapters of 22 minutes with Isabel Madolell as the main star. In addition, M贸nica Chef comes accompanied by an album with 11 original songs.

The series tells the story of Monica, a 16-year-old girl who dreams of becoming the best chef. Sometimes these dreams burst into her head in the form of a musical daydream, and then Monica imagines that she sings, everyone dances, and everything becomes magical. Apparently, the reality of Monica is far from being that way because she is just a kitchen assistant in her father’s humble pizzeria. But her life will change when she earns a scholarship to study at ACES, the country’s most prestigious cooking school. From this moment, Monica will learn different culinary techniques, make new friends and discover love. In this new context she will have to face all kinds of challenges, but she will never stop pursuing her dream.