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‘The Room’ will have an adaptation in UK

The English prodco Firebird Pictures (backed by BBC Studios) has opted the rights to the series ‘The Room’ (La Sala) from Newen Distribution for an adaptation in the United Kingdom. The series, nominated for the MIM Award in the category of best miniseries, is available on HBO Spain and has also been broadcast on the various regional […]

Jesper Brunings

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The Room presented at FesTVal Vitoria

The Room, the new serial fiction of Isla Audiovisual in collaboration with Forta, Funwood Media and Can Can, has been presented at the 10th FesTVal in Vitoria. To the event attended Víctor García, director of Isla and one of the creators of the series, Lydia Palencia (production director with Bárbara Vayá), José Luis Blanco Rad […]

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The Room

Yago Costa, a police inspector specialized in interrogations, enters the police station where he has worked throughout his career and, for no apparent reason, commits a murder in the very room he spent most of his career at. A few months later, Yago receives the visit in prison of Sara, a young journalist who wants to make […]