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Los Artistas

The first straigt-to-TV series written by Mar√≠a Due√Īas tells how Cata, an art expert originally from Mexico in the midst of a professional slump, and Yago, an attractive antiques dealer whose business is also down, team up to sell trinkets to inexperienced collectors for much more than they are worth.

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Stories To Stay Awake

Stories to Stay Awake, the anthology series created by Chicho Iba√Īez Serrador, comes back as a remake to Amazon Prime Video and TVE. Its first season will consist of four episodes, which display updated versions of episodes of the original series, and are directed by¬†Rodrigo Cort√©s, Rodrigo Sorogoyen, Paco Plaza¬†and Paula Ortiz.¬†Among the stars that […]

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You Can Not Hide

Mónica (Blanca Soto) sees herself forced to leave her home in Mexico City accompanied by her daughter to start a new life in Madrid. Two years later, a series of events will plunge her into a whirlwind of intrigues, crimes and murders.

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The Room

Yago Costa, a police inspector specialized in interrogations, enters the police station where he has worked throughout his career and, for no apparent reason, commits a murder in the¬†very room¬†he spent most of his career at. A few months later, Yago receives the visit in prison of Sara, a young journalist who wants to make […]

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Under The Net

Under the Net is the story of a group of¬†teenagers¬†trapped in a chain of favors on the Internet. They¬†join forces¬†to unmask¬†its mysterious manager, the Achiever: An enigmatic individual who hides his identity behind a virtual mask¬†and who can only¬†be reached via videochat. Its¬†network¬†follows a very simple mechanism: every wish that is asked for is paid […]