RABIA presented to the media

Last Monday morning, the press conference for RABIA -the series Isla Audiovisual has produced for mediaset and that Cuatro will shortly broadcast- took place at Mediaset.

Manuel Villanueva, Creative Director of Mediaset; Toni Sevilla, Director of Fiction of Mediaset; Victor Garcia, CEO of Isla Audiovisual and executive producer of “Rabia”; Manuel Sanabria, executive producer and director of the Series; and David Ambit, responsible of  characterization, attended the event.

The whole cast of the series took part as well: Malena Alterio, Álvaro Balas, Concha Cuetos, Carles Francinco, Manuel Gancedo, Nuria González, Nuria Herrero, Diego Martínez, Fele Martínez, Ismael Martínez, Elisa Mouliaá, Fran Nortes, Adriana Ozores, Paco Tous y Patricia Vico.

“Rabia” (“Rage”) tells the story of a group of people infected by a dangerous virus. The contaminateds will need to escape and stay together to avoid getting captured by the police.