The Room presented at FesTVal Vitoria

The Room, the new serial fiction of Isla Audiovisual in collaboration with Forta, Funwood Media and Can Can, has been presented at the 10th FesTVal in Vitoria.

To the event attended Víctor García, director of Isla and one of the creators of the series, Lydia Palencia (production director with Bárbara Vayá), José Luis Blanco Rad (programming director of ETB and representative of FORTA), Juanjo Marrero ( general director of Funwood Media) and the actresses Natalia Rodríguez and Goya Toledo, who have been delighted to participate in a project that they define as «surprising».


The Room is a police drama that uses different temporalities to present us, as if it was a puzzle, the story of Yago Costa, an experienced police inspector who, one day, kills his boss and friend Luis Corbalán in the police station where he has worked for all his career. A few months later he is interrogated by Sara Sibilio, a young journalist who goes to the prison to try to find out what led him to commit the crime. Through the conversations between both, the spectator will discover all the previous events that led Yago to act in that unexpected and violent way.

Francesc Garrido and Natalia Rodríguez give life to the central characters, leading a cast in which we also find Goya Toledo as judge Lola Solozábal and Raúl Prieto in the skin of Luis Corbalán. Manuel Sanabria and César Arriero co-direct the ambitious series, which will consist of 8 chapters of 45 minutes, while Víctor García, Manuel Sanabria, Eduardo Villanueva, Enrique Lojo, Jorge Valdano, Jon Sagalá, Jose Castillo and Pablo Barrera have been responsible for the script.