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Vida Loca

“Vida loca” features Andrés and Juanjo, a gay couple who decide to give everything up to start a new life away from Madrid. Their destiny will be San Sebastián, where they will start a new professional project: a gardening center. None of this would be special if it wasn’t because Andre’s atypical family will move along with them: Ana, Andrés’ exwife, and their two teenage kids, who stayed living with their dad after the divorce. Besides, another two characters will take part in the family: Toti, current  Ana’s partner (20 years younger than her) and Amelia, Juanjo’s lifelong maid who’s got in charge of the house. Despite saying she’s got no spare time she loves to get into people’s lives.

With this ingredients, Juanjo will try to make a family out of Andrés and everyone else. The coexistence of this peculiar and broken family will be the thread of the series.

Toni Cantó
 (Andrés), Esther Arroyo (Ana), Javier Tolosa (Juanjo), Miguel Ángel Muñoz (Toti), Lolita Flores (Amelia), Jorge Jurado (Marcos), Susana Abaitua (Laura).