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Bicho Malo Nunca Muere

“Bicho malo (nunca muere)” is a daring, shameless, absurd and disrespectful show that portrays recognizable and daily situations. Six thirty-something, single and unemployed friends decide to share an apartment. They used to be seven, but the seventh one (Angel) just… died. They all had a very special relationship with him and considered him their own best friend. Maybe that explains why they all think that they’re the only ones who see Angel’s ghost. But they’re not. Angel pops up out of nowhere and gets in the middle of all situations, but he only sees each of his friends when they’re alone and no one is around. And if some other friend comes around, he vanishes. The peculiar nature of this relationship makes everyone hide their “afterdeath frienship”. A frienship with a joker who’s always willing to lend them a hand… although it might go directly to their throats.

Ángel uses his “comebacks” to talk to, listen to and advice his friends. And supposedly, to also make their life easier. But what Angel really wants is to have fun and, deep inside, live the life he had before dying. His advices will be contradictory and, sometimes, they’ll worsen things up. His “dead” state will allow him to say painful truths and shameless lies. His irony and comic view of everything that happens to his friends will make a funny guy out of him, although he didn’t mean to.

Edu Soto (Ángel), Ana Morgade (Cecilia), César Camino (el Guaperas), Antonio Muñoz de Mesa (Gus), Adrián Lastra (el Ruli), Sara Gómez (Miriam), Rocío Muñoz (Marta)