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Fragiles is an self-improvement optimistic drama. To the moment, two seasons have been produced and aired. The first season premiered in Telecinco in 2012 and was the most watched Prime Time show on Thursday nights, with over 2 million watchers for episode during its eight weeks of broadcasting. Each episode was trending topic in Spain during airing time, and the Wit magazine highlighted it for its (w)it list as one of the three most fresh, innovative and entertaining shows in 2012. Afterwards, Fragiles premiered in Latin America through Direct Tv. The second season premiered on July 22nd 2013, with 1.5 million average watchers. It’s currently on the market in different countries.

Fragiles stars Santi Millan. With him are Ruth Nuñez, Ginés García Millán, Luisa Martín, Elia Galera, Norma Ruiz, Sandra Ferrús and César Camino. Each episode has an episodic plot with guest stars such as Blanca Portillo, Alexandra Jiménez, Antonia SanJuan, Miguel Rellán, Elena Ballesteros, Juanjo Artero, Diego Martín or Almudena Cid.


Frágiles is a show about Pablo, an attractive and enigmatic physiotherapist that uses a very unconventional therapy method, based on humor and trust. His patients are always peculiar characters who have suffered some kind of injury or surprising disease. During his sessions, Pablo will establish an atmosphere of understanding that will create intense emotional ties. Thus, he will find out that behind the physical pain of his patients always lies a personal conflict, and he’ll help them to overcome it. Some of the emotional bonds created during therapy will be so strong that they’ll evolve into a closer relationship, and certain patients will end up being part of Pablo’s life.

However, it is precisely his own intimate life that Pablo finds harder to control. Behind his friendly and kidding appearance hides a personal and emotional tragedy that affects his most intimate circle of relationships.