La Lista Tonta special feature on Comedy Central

Comedy Central celebrates La Lista tonta 2,000,000 online views with five special shows that will be aired between March 9 and March 13 at 9:30pm.

Monday 9 show will be starred by GMZ with his songs El Nuevo Novio, Llave Allen, and Infierno Azul.  Tuesday 10 will be Nacho Vision’s turn, with the best clips produced by him: El chino, Mojada, Qué marrón y Los 2000. Wednesday the show will be devoted to the weirdest of our artists; Paco Vera with El chino, Tasiotone with Listillo, Big Selfie with Lick my ass, Bruno Volatto and his Sexo Virtual, and Willy Cañada with his song La Barba. Thursday 12 is girls night, with Mireia (Enrócate conmigo, Cobra Dance, and Mojada), Mariola (Dejadme en paz), Cindy Blog (Muffins), and Andrea (Qué marrón). Rui Santamaría and Álex Young couldn’t miss this special feature and they will be in charge of closing the week. Rui Santamaría’s No podía imaginarme, and Alex Young’s songs Anormal, El dilema, and Hideous Stuff will be the chosen clips for the Friday show.